10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sharon

Fun facts about me.


I worked on the first gas and steam turbine unit in the United States waaay back. To say I learned how to write creative reports for the home office is a MAJOR understatement.


I started an online promotional video business on a Friday afternoon at 3 p.m. with no website, no commercials to show potential clients, no camera, sold two businesses I had never been in before 5 p.m. AND they paid me upfront to start shooting their commercials the following week. This was back in the days of Flip cameras. Things have obviously evolved since then.


I created a successful website development company that I sold to a company in the Philippines.


I have owned 3 motorcycles, no I don’t have any tattoos, jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet, inadvertently set a choir member’s hair on fire during a Christmas candlelight service when I was a teenager, sailed on 18 different cruises, and placed 2nd in a cruise ship talent show by playing the kazoo.


I have written over 1,000 magazine and international magazine and newspaper articles on various aspects of business. I have also ghostwritten five books.


I have created successful marketing campaigns for book authors resulting in major downloads and sales of their books.


I have created successful email newsletter campaigns for different online and brick-and-mortar companies that resulted in hundreds of new clients and thousands of dollars in new sales.


I created a very successful marketing campaign for a start-up photography company that brought in over $200,000 in the first year.


I write a humorous mystery book with a Florida twist series that has resulted in over 30,000 downloads in one month on Amazon and was number 1 in three different categories. Woot, woot!


Although I no longer drink, I placed number 20 in the United States and number 3 in Florida as a craft beer maker back in the day.